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Origin of Naju

"Beef Canning Factory was established and operated in Naju..."

Naju was a place where people and goods were actively exchanged to the due to the connection to the sea through Yeongsan River. During the Japanese colonial period, a beef canning factory was established and operated in the Naju Eupseong district. The factory supplied fresh meat throughout the region and the Naju gomtang was created around the rise of the oil market during that time. Since the 1970s, Naju gomtang has gained national fame and has established itself as a local food of Naju.


Naju Gomtang Tradition

"Unique and different"

Naju Gomtang does not contain beef bones as other traditional Korean "Gomtang". Therefore the broth is not milky as a Seolleongtang or Jang Gukbap. Traditionally, the soup is also unique and different by adding rice into the soup. The process of cooking the soup and adding the rice towards the end will enhance the flavor of the rice and is the preferred way to eat dish in Naju province.

Food Cooking in Steaming Pots

How to eat

Add some kkakdugi kimchi sauce in the soup for a much cooler and richer taste.

Nutritious Facts

Naju Gomtang is crafted with hours of care using only lean meat in the broth. The broth is rich in amino acids and protein with less fat, making it an excellent healthy nutritious choice for everyone.

Meet The Team


Premium Beef

Beer broth is cooked with the best quality of meats


Aged Sea Salt

Imported sea salt is aged at least 9 years for nuttier and lasting after taste


Large Green Onion

We use the large green onions instead of the standard scallions for richer and better taste.



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